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Call for the presentation of scientific and technical articles for the Workshop on Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity: Gateway to an Interconnected World that will be part of the largest congress on Information and Communication Technologies, TICEC 2020, which will be held virtually from 25 to November 27, 2020.

We invite you to plan a contribution with the theme of the Workshop and program your TICEC agenda this November 26, 2020. This event will be an ideal occasion to discuss ideas, share experiences and practical challenges of Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity in the following topics of interest:


T1: Sensors, actuators, and micro-Nanotechnology
T2: 5G Services, Implementations, and Standards
T3: Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data
T4: Industry organization
T5: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
T6: Business Analytics
T7: Social Networking & Information Security
T8: Human-machine interface
T9: Cyber-physical systems (CPS)
T10: Industrial automation, communication, networking, and informatics

Subtopics of interest 

• Security and privacy in IoT and CPS with AI and machine-learning [T3, T5, T9]
• Security architectures and protection mechanisms for IoT [T2, T3, T10]
• Threat models and attack strategies for IoT [T2, T3, T5, T10]
• Intrusion and malware detection/prevention technologies for IoT [T9, T1]
• Security and data privacy of Cyber-physical IoT systems [T3, T9, T10, T5]
• Security in Wireless Sensor Networks [T1, T3, T5]
• Privacy and trust in IoT and CPS [T3, T9, T10, T5]
• Cross-layer design/cross-service security in IoT and CPS [T2, T3, T9, T10]
• Authentication in IoT and CPS [T3, T9, T10, T5]
• Security and privacy in industrial IoT [T2]
• Security and privacy in home IoT [T2]
• Security and privacy in UAV networking [T2]
• Security and privacy in V2V, V2I networking [T2]

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