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Organizing committee

Honorary Committee

Nicolay Samaniego Erazo, PhD.
CEDIA President

Padre Juan Cárdenas Tapia.
Universidad Politécnica Salesiana Rector

Juan Pablo Carvallo Vega, PhD.
CEDIA Executive Director


Steering Committee

Germania Rodríguez Morales, PhD.
Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

Efraín Fonseca, PhD.
Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas

Juan Pablo Salgado, PhD.
Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Marcos Orellana Cordero, PhD.
Universidad del Azuay


Organizing Committee 


Comunication and Media: Galia Rivas, Lcda.
Comunication and Media: Francisco Toral, Lcdo.
Web Master: Fernanda Chica, Ing.
Graphic Design: Paúl Arévalo, Dis. Gráfico.
Graphic Design: Santiago Ruilova, Dis. Gráfico.
Research: Gabriela Parra, Ing.
Santiago Berrezueta, Ing. 


Organization: David Mora Bocca, Ing.
Organization: María Isabel Carpio, Ing.
Communication and Media: César Andrade Martínez, Ing.
Communication and Media: Wendy Luna, Ing.
Research: Pablo Péres Gosende, Ing.

About us

TICEC 2020 is the most important Congress on Information and Communication Technologies in Ecuador, which every year brings together more than 700 researchers, technicians, teachers, students and professionals in the areas of Science and Technology.


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